Here are some recent customer reviews:

“The book is very inspiring, and its approach to the use of licks is refreshing … a great inspiration to practice and experiment with the stuff!” – Ole Emig, Denmark

“It’s really a great help for me, to understand the playing of Grappelli and try to play in his style … a great pleasure to work on the licks every day! I have known different jazz violin methods but your “Grappelli licks” is the first way that shows me how to practice.” – Jean-Jacques Troclet, France

“I just want to say that I received your Grappelli book and CD, and it is terrific.  For the first time, rather than just jump in anywhere and haphazardly go at it, as tempting as that is, I am actually proceeding, word for word, from beginning to end. You’ve made these mysterious and wonderful sounds comprehensible in the most simple, delightful way.” – Judd Peterson, USA

“Just about every day, I use your [DVDs] to work on getting the right sound and I have certainly not come close to exhausting that resource, which has been possibly the most helpful learning tool I have ever encountered!” – Nancy Padilla, USA

“Just received your book and CD – absolutely great material! Thank you for all this work! Even the playbacks are sounding really inspiring … I will strongly recommend this book to my students” – Mic Oechsner, Austria