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About Tim

Multi-award-winning Dutch violinist Tim Kliphuis is seen by many as the true heir to Stéphane Grappelli.

Tim has taken gypsy jazz into the 21st century with a very personal sound that he has brought to classical concert halls, jazz clubs and folk festivals.

“Stéphane Grappelli’s style is alive and well in the hands of Tim Kliphuis” – Nigel Kennedy

A legend in the Django world, Tim has worked closely with The Rosenberg Trio, Fapy Lafertin and Paulus Schäfer. His most popular gypsy jazz CDs are ‘Rock Django’ and ‘The Grappelli Album’; his most acclaimed orchestral project is ‘Reflecting the Seasons’, a gypsy jazz re-working of Vivaldi’s masterpiece.

A professor of Improvisation at the Amsterdam Conservatoire, Tim has written the best-selling books on Grappelli’s style, taught hundreds of workshops at the major festivals, continues to draw an international clientele at his ‘Grappelli-Django Camp’ and is an authority on online group teaching methods.

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